Reassessment format

Undergraduate reassessment should take the form of one piece of assessment only that assesses the intended learning outcomes of the failed course unit.

The Course Unit Director will determine what form the reassessment for their course unit will take (i.e. examination only or coursework only). The undergraduate degree regulations state that ‘the reassessment must be designed to assess the achievement of the same intended learning outcomes but need not be of the same form as that originally used.’ It should be clearly communicated in the full course outline how a course unit will be reassessed.

Generally, if a course unit is assessed by examination, the reassessment will also be an examination (resit) and similarly, if a course unit is assessed by a piece of coursework, the reassessment will also be a piece of coursework (rework). However, there are occasions when the reassessment will be a different format to the main assessment and students should check the full course outline for details.

Resit examinations

The University’s Policy concerning the location of resit examinations is that these are taken only at the University of Manchester campus and under no circumstances will arrangements be made for students to take resits at any other location than the University of Manchester.

The resit examination period is set by the University and can be found in the Exams section of My Manchester. No resit examinations are held at any other times.

The exact dates of individual resit examinations are published on the Student Portal via My Manchester toward the end of July.

Resit marks

The resit mark will normally be based on 100% examination (i.e. any coursework component mark gained in the course unit will not be included in the resit mark).

The pass mark for a resit or rework is 40% as required on an Undergraduate degree programme. However, in accordance with the Programme’s Degree regulations, marks at the reassessment stage are capped at 30%. Students who achieve less than 40% in their resit or rework than at their first attempt will not be permitted to substitute the original mark. Resit marks will be used to determine progression to the next level of the programme. Resits are for progression purposes only and not available for students looking to improve a pass mark they have already attained.

First sits

On recommendation from the Mitigating Circumstances Panel, the Board of Examiners may permit students who are absent from an examination or missed a coursework submission with good reason to take the examination/submit coursework as a first attempt in the August assessment period.

Students should note that for full year course units taken as a first sit, the August assessment may include material from both semesters.

The mark obtained in these first sit examinations will be weighted with any coursework component mark gained for the course unit, if applicable.

There will be no opportunity for a resit within the academic year if a student is absent from or fails the first sit examination in the August assessment period.

Normal compensation rules apply to August first sit examinations/assessment.

The mark obtained in first sit examinations/assessment will be used to calculate the average for the year and progression to the next level.

Reassessment and Exchange Students

Please note that reassessment (resit or rework) is not available to AMBS exchange students. Reassessment is an opportunity to gain credit for students registered on a University of Manchester degree only and who are subject to University of Manchester degree regulations.

Resits for students on BSc IM and BSc IMABS

A student who fails to progress to Year 3 of the BSc (Hons) International Management/ International Management with American Business Studies programme would normally be reassessed in relevant course units following the criteria highlighted above as candidates for the BSc (Hons) in Management programme. In exceptional circumstances, the Board may allow a student to be reassessed in a maximum of 20 credits using an alternative method of assessment to allow a student the opportunity to progress on the BSc (Hons) International Management/ International Management with American Business Studies Business Studies and continue with their year on exchange. The Board of Examiners will consider the student’s academic standing in making this decision.