BMaP (Business and Management for all Programmes) is a suite of business and management courses offered by Alliance Manchester Business School and is open to all students across the University who are able to take free choice options as part of their degree structure, providing they meet the entry criteria for the course(s) concerned. The student's home school must also approve of the course choice. Visiting students and those on exchange programmes are also eligible to be considered for BMaP courses.

There are numerous reasons why students choose to take BMaP courses:

  • To be taught by top academics;
  • To gain business acumen;
  • To include on your CV;
  • To complement and sometimes contrast major studies;
  • To meet students from other schools and faculties within the University;
  • Interest in the subject area.

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How to enrol (for current students only)

Students can self-enrol onto BMaP courses via the course enrolment system providing any listed pre-requisites are met. Please note that we do not allow timetable clashes under any circumstances.

If you have any queries or difficulty enrolling, please contact

BMaP course units available in 2023/24

This list is provisional and may be subject to change.

Course unitCodeCredits
Fundamentals of Management BMAN10011 10 credits
Fundamentals of Technological Change BMAN10252 10 credits
Fundamentals of Finance BMAN10552 10 credits
Business Economics BMAN10612 10 credits
Fundamentals of Financial Reporting BMAN10621(B) 10 credits
Fundamentals of Management Accounting BMAN10632 10 credits
Introduction to Corporate Finance and Financial Instruments BMAN20242 10 credits
Technology, Strategy and Innovation BMAN20792 10 credits
New Product Development and Innovation BMAN20821 10 credits
Marketing BMAN20832 10 credits
Global Contexts of Business and Management BMAN21012 10 credits
Firms and Management in Comparative Perspective BMAN22000 20 credits
Operations Management and Strategy BMAN24291 10 credits
Organisations and Employment BMAN24521 10 credits
Work Psychology for Career Success BMAN20022 10 credits
Management of Knowledge and Innovation BMAN30010 20 credits
Marketing BMAN30021 10 credits
Strategy BMAN30022 10 credits
Human Resource Management BMAN30042 10 credits
Investment Economics and Innovation BMAN31212 10 credits
People Management and Change BMAN32091 10 credits
Consumers and Markets BMAN32161 10 credits

Understanding course unit codes

The first digit indicates the level of study, ie. BMAN10011 is taught as a level 1 course unit, and the last digit indicates the semester the course unit is taught in, ie. BMAN10011 is taught in semester 1, BMAN21012 is taught in semester 2 and any courses ending in ‘0’ are taught over both semesters.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have previously studied business and management to be eligible to take a BMaP course?

Not in most cases. The majority of BMaP courses do not have pre-requisites and are therefore suitable for anyone regardless of whether you have studied business and management previously. Courses with pre-requisite requirements are: BMAN10632 and BMAN20242.

If I am interested in taking a BMaP course, how do I find out more information?

Click on the course unit title in the list above. This will take you to a short course outline which provides detailed information such as course content, assessment methods and recommended reading.

I am a current student. Where can I find timetable information?

Timetable information is available on the AMBS UG online handbook timetables page. Full course details are distributed to students by the lecturer in the first lecture at the start of the semester - for example, full reading lists and the full syllabus.

Do I have to pay to take a BMaP course?

BMaP courses are free for the vast majority of students however some overseas visiting students may be required to pay.

How do I find out more about BMaP courses?

Further information can be obtained from:

Curriculum and Programmes Team
Room 2.091
Alliance Manchester Business School
The University of Manchester
Booth Street West
M15 6PB