Programme structures

Your programme structures lists of all your core and optional course units.

Programme specifications

Changing your BSc Management specialism

The way the Management and Management (Specialisms) have been configured in the student system (Campus Solutions) means that you will see only those courses applicable to either the BSc Management degree or your chosen specialism. You can still change from BSc Management to BSc Management (Specialism), a specialism to Management without a specialism or between specialisms, but you will need to visit the Curriculum and Programmes Team or email as you cannot make such changes yourself via self-service.

Please note that you are required to confirm your specialism at the very latest by the beginning of your final year. You will be given a maximum of two weeks at the beginning of the first semester of your final year to confirm your decision regarding your chosen specialism. After that time no changes can be made and any student who has not indicated a specialism will graduate with a BSc Management degree.