New student

Start of Year

Welcome to Alliance Manchester Business School! Please follow the steps below to ensure that you’re fully set-up, connected and ready to settle into life as a student here in Manchester.

Our main means of contact with you is by email so it is essential that you check your University of Manchester email account on a daily basis. Otherwise, you might miss important information, eg. about your timetable, option choices or examinations.

  • Once you've activated your IT account you'll be able to complete the registration process. You need to do this to ensure that you don’t miss out on important information.
  • Like us on Facebook and Instagram @AMBSUndergrad for the latest news and information.
  • Find out about advice and support. It's okay to be nervous, everyone needs to settle in to their new surroundings.
  • Arriving late? If you know that you will not be in Manchester by Monday, 16 September 2024, please let us know and also let the accommodation office know if you have reserved halls of residence accommodation.
  • You will be enrolled onto your courses before the start of term and then you will be able to see your personalised timetable via My Manchester. Teaching starts on Monday, 23 September 2024. If you have any optional course choices you will be contacted soon about making your choices.
  • Your courses are supplemented by Blackboard - a virtual learning environment. It is essential that you become familiar with this tool as you will rely on it to complete your studies. Read the Blackboard guide.
  • Read about our Student Peer Mentoring Scheme
  • My Learning Essentials will give you sources of information, hints, tips and practical activities to help you develop your study skills and become a better learner.
  • The International Society is an independent, not-for-profit organisation unique to Greater Manchester. They aim to provide international students with a warm and friendly welcome when they arrive in the city and to make their time in the UK a wonderful experience.
  • Complete the BMAN11230 Health and Safety Induction course via Blackboard.

Prepare for study

Welcome week timetables

During Welcome week, you will be invited to attend some events for your programme. These sessions are a great opportunity for you to get to know the lecturers who will be teaching you during your time at Manchester, to meet your peers and to get to know the opportunities that AMBS has to offer.

Your Welcome week programme timetable for academic year 24/25 will be available soon.


  • A welcome from the Director of Undergraduate Studies at Alliance MBS

Update your contact details

Keep us informed of your current semester-time and home addresses. If you move address at any time during the academic year you must inform the University and update your details on the student system (campus solutions) which is best accessed through My Manchester.

Please update term time address (rather than mailing address) on the system and/or your home address depending on which is changing.

If your telephone number changes, you must also update this on the student system (campus solutions).

You must also inform your Programme Administrative Office staff via AMBS 2.091.

If you do not tell us that you have changed your address or telephone number we will not be able to contact you and you could miss vital information about your programme, including examination information. We also need to have an up-to-date emergency contact number.

Undergraduate Services will endeavour to text you if any classes are cancelled. We would therefore ask that you flag your mobile number as your preferred number on the student system (campus solutions) so we can communicate quickly with you where necessary.

Contact with third parties

There is a contract in place between the student and the University.

A student may authorise a third party to act as his/her agent but unless this authorisation is given in writing then members of staff are not able to discuss issues regarding students (medical, academic or other issues) with third parties.