Humanities Outstanding Staff Awards 2023/24

Your chance to celebrate the staff who have inspired you.

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The Outstanding Staff Awards for Teaching, Learning and Student Experience are the opportunity for students to recognise staff in the Faculty of Humanities who have provided an excellent teaching and student experience.

Has an academic inspired you, challenged you or had a positive impact on your studies?

Or perhaps a member of non-academic staff has given you extra support and advice to help you solve an issue with your course?

Celebrate and recognise your staff by nominating them for the Outstanding Staff Awards 2023/24.  

How to nominate

There are eight categories in this year’s awards. 

You can nominate a member of staff by clicking on the links below and completing a short form.

Closing dates 

 The closing date for nominations for the Outstanding PGT Dissertation Supervisor Award is midnight on Friday, 7 June 2024. 

 The closing date for nominations for all other award categories is midnight on Monday, 6 May 2024. 

 Please contact Colin Gorman at if you have any questions about the awards. 

Award Categories

Outstanding Digital Enhanced Teaching Award

Online learning is increasingly important. Is there somebody who has particularly engaged you through an effective use of technology? 

This award recognises staff who have used innovative teaching techniques, assessment tasks or learning materials to support learning and engagement or helped students to enhance their digital skills.

Outstanding Teaching and Employability Award

Your lecturers, programme support teams and others may have played a key role in improving your employability skills and knowledge within your programmeand your teaching and learning experience.

Has your lecturer effectively incorporated employabilitybe it in the forms of skills, knowledge, or guidance into your programme or course unit? 

 Do you feel better geared up for the world of employment through the support received from your lecturer? If so, nominate your chosen person for the Teaching and Employability award.

Outstanding Professional Services Staff Award

Is there a member of staff who helps to run your programme or works in student support and has positively contributed to your experience as a student? 

The Professional Services award celebrates the non-academic staff who provide help and support with a positive attitude and who have demonstrated exceptional care or assistance towards students. 

They may have helped you or fellow students through a difficult academic or pastoral situation or gone ‘the extra mile’ to ensure an issue with your course has been effectively resolved.

Outstanding Programme of the Year Award

Your programme (sometimes referred to as your course) is the reason you came to The University of Manchester. 

Has your programme exceeded your expectations? Are the team that teach and organise your programme inspiring, motivating and innovative? 

Have they fostered your love for your subject and encouraged you to aim high, to challenge and believe in yourself?Have you been well supported by the people who look after your programme (academic, technical and professional services colleagues)?

If you think that the people who organise and teach your programme have made itone worth talking about, then nominate it as one of the Faculty’s programmes of the year.

Outstanding Undergraduate Dissertation (or long essay/research project) Supervisor Award

This award celebrates supervisors who have had a significant, positive impact on undergraduate (UG) students’ experience of planning, researching and writing a dissertation.

Has your UG dissertation supervisor provided exceptional advice and support to develop your skills as an independent researcher?

Have they challenged and inspired you in your independent thinking and learning, encouraging you to develop your own lines of enquiry and think critically about your work?If so, make sure to recognise them by nominating them for the Outstanding Undergraduate Dissertation award.

Outstanding Academic Advisor Award

Has your academic advisor provided an outstanding level of advice and guidance during your studies?

Do they help students thrive by building strong relationships with their advisees and supporting, motivating, and encouraging them?

Maybe they have helped you develop your academic skills, made the transition from school to university easier or given you great guidance on academic and practical matters related to your studies.

We want to know about academic advisors who have gone the ‘extra mile’, providing support and guidance that has had a positive impact on your development.

Outstanding Postgraduate Taught (PGT) Dissertation Supervisor Award

This award recognises supervisors who have had a significant, positive impact on postgraduate taught (PGT) students’ experience of planning, researching and writing a dissertation. 

Has your PGT dissertation supervisor provided exceptional advice and support to develop your skills as an independent researcher? 

Have they challenged and inspired you in your independent thinking and learning, encouraging you to develop your own lines of enquiry and think critically about your work? If so, click the link below to nominate them for the Outstanding PGT Dissertation Supervisor Award.  

Please note that this award is not for PhD supervisors and any such submissions will not be considered.

Outstanding Teaching (Lecturers and Teaching Assistants) Award

Has your lecturer or teaching assistant inspired you to learn and do your best?

Do they engage and challenge you in a supportive manner, motivating you to learn?

This award recognises teaching staff who have consistently provided a well-organised course that is taught effectively and supported through high-quality assessment and feedback.

2022/23 Winners and Highly Commended

Outstanding Teaching and Employability Award


  • Mario Pezzino

Highly Commended

  • Claire McGourlay

Outstanding Teaching Award


  • Ali Owrak

Highly Commended

  • Alex Campsie
  • Arif Khurshed
  • Ashley Collar
  • Dharmi Kapadia
  • Gemma Edwards
  • Gordon Fraser
  • Graham Smith
  • Lawrence Ado-Kofie
  • Patricia Perlman-dee
  • Siobhan Smith
  • Suzanne Gower

Outstanding Academic Advisor Award


  • Aurora Fredriksen

Highly Commended

  • Andrew Fearnley
  • Dimitrija Kalanoski
  • Mario Pezzino
  • Wayne Ramwell

Outstanding UG Dissertation Supervisor Award


  • Hilary Pilkington

Highly Commended

  • Joe Blakey
  • Artemis Christinaki
  • Aseem Pahuja
  • Rotimi Ogunsakin

Outstanding PGT Dissertation Supervisor Award


  • Ceri Fowler

Highly Commended

  • Andrew Slack
  • Daniel Silver
  • Matt Dennis
  • Sandra Pogodda

Outstanding Professional Services Award


  • Rachid M'rabty

Highly Commended

  • John Moore

Outstanding Digital Enhanced Teaching Award

Highly Commended

  • Tatjana Kecojevic
  • Yawei Zhao

Programme of the Year Award


  • BSc Accounting

Highly Commended

  • BSc Education