Teaching format

How teaching is organised

We aim to create an environment in which students share the responsibility for their own learning and, jointly with staff, are able to pursue a programme that achieves the highest standards of academic scholarship.

A combination of teaching and learning formats are used to help you participate and learn during your studies. The formal, structured component of teaching usually comprises of lectures and seminars/tutorials, labs or workshops.

On occasion, external organisations also add valuable field related experience and expertise to our teaching by contributing selective guest lectures and seminars.


Lectures are presentations by the course lecturer(s) to the entire group of students taking the course. They offer you an opportunity to hear the lecturer's interpretation of material relevant to the course, and to make notes to supplement your other learning materials and readings. Lectures may not cover all of the required course material, but it is usual for this forum to address the major areas of the course.

Lectures may also include discussions of relevant examples and cases, demonstrations of analytical techniques, or the chance to draw on the expertise of invited speakers. Information relating to the administration of the course (such as instructions regarding assessed coursework, information regarding the course examination) is also often disseminated in lectures.

Seminars / tutorials

Seminars and/or Tutorials are small group sessions (normally 15 - 20 students), usually associated with 'Management' and/or 'Accounting and Finance' type courses, giving you the opportunity to participate in exercises and discussions, and to benefit from direct contact with a course tutor.

Seminar/tutorial activities are normally given in advance of these sessions and the most benefit is gained from these sessions when students are fully prepared and willing to participate in discussion and debate. Some seminar assignments may be collected as part of the assessment process.


The Accounting and Finance workshops are practical sessions (normally 40-60 students) that deal with problem solving and applying the analytical skills developed during the course.

Workshop exercises are normally given in advance and you are expected to attempt them before you attend the session. Workshops provide a forum for asking questions and help to consolidate course material.


Labs are usually associated with our information systems courses and involve working in small groups in a PC lab on specialist software. These sessions normally involve a lab demonstrator who works with students on providing practical help and course advice.