BSc in Management/Management (Specialism), International Management and International Management with American Business Studies students may elect to do a 40 credit Management dissertation, BMAN31500, in their final year.

IM and IMABS students who elect to take BMAN31500 Dissertation are encouraged to choose an international topic as this is a good link between their studies abroad and the final year courses.

The dissertation is available to BSc Management (Accounting and Finance) specialism students but will not count towards the 60-credit specialism requirement as students are permitted to take 40 credit project courses - BMAN31000 Financial Analysis of Corporate Performance or BMAN30190 Empirical Finance providing all pre-requisites are met. Supervisors will not be available from the Accounting and Finance Division.

Undertaking a dissertation provides a valuable introduction to carry out independent research. It is a good opportunity to study a key issue faced by a business and develop your analytical skills. If you are still in doubt, please take a look at the following information.

Students who intend to take BMAN31500 Dissertation in their final year are required to have passed BMAN24410 Research Methodology in their second year.