University-wide support

Being well and maintaining a balance between your academic and personal life are essential factors in your success and enjoyment of university life. To ensure that you are able to take steps to deal with any difficulties that may arise, the University offers a range of central support services to help you through your student journey.

Visit Taking Care of Yourself or Wellbeing or call into the Alliance MBS Student Support and Guidance Team located in AMBS 2.091, email: for further advice.

Counselling service

If you experience issues of a personal (rather than academic) nature, staff in the Student Support and Guidance Team in 2.091 AMBS (email: can offer you advice and guidance. It may be that they refer you to the University's Counselling Servicewhere counsellors are trained to find the best way to help with a problem through a collaborative and sensitive discussion. If they can't help they may be able to point to other sources of professional or practical help. Their aim is to complement help from other sources be they friends, tutors or other support services. The service is strictly confidential. 

You can also make a self-referral, and contact the Counselling Service independently. Please find instructions on how to do this below.

The Counselling Service also provides workshops on subjects such as exam stress, personal development, coping better with academic pressures, relaxation, confidence building and self-esteem. Booking details are available through the Counselling Service.

The Service are open Monday to Friday all year round except during public holidays and the University's Christmas closure period. People are seen usually within a few days of making an appointment.

To book an appointment, please follow the instructions. The site asks you to fill in a questionnaire following the purple buttons at the bottom of the screen. On completion of the questionnaire, you will be given a colour. You can then make contact with the Service, stating the colour suggested by the questionnaire. Due to the limiting phone operating hours, it may be sensible to get in touch with the service via email at

University Of Manchester
Counselling Service
5th Floor Crawford House
Precinct Centre
Oxford Road

Information about student health services is given on the Student Support pages.

Disability support and additional needs provision

Our Policy Statement regarding students with a disability is as follows:

"All students with a recognised disability will receive appropriate support during their studies. The objective of this policy is to help ensure that all students with a disability requiring some form of agreed special arrangements shall not be disadvantaged as a consequence of their disability".

The University's Disability Advisory and Support Service (DASS) is able to put in place a wide range of individual practical support mechanisms and can assist you to access external resources like the Disabled Students Allowance.

Ideally, the DASS asks students who require support during their studies to disclose their disability by one of the following routes:

  • Completing the appropriate box on your application form
  • Contacting the DASS to arrange a prospective visit
  • Completing the appropriate box on your registration form at the start of your programme
  • Contacting the DASS directly at any point before or during your studies
  • Telling your School - via the AMBS Disability Coordinator at


The DASS is situated on the 2nd Floor of University Place.

Call: 0161 275 7512
Text (only for d/Deaf students): 07899 658 790

If you are already registered with the DASS and want to enquire about how your support requirements are put in place, please contact the AMBS Disability Coordinator at

Financial welfare

Information about bursaries, grants, the Student Loan Scheme and other financial assistance which may be available to undergraduate students, is available from the Student Services Centre.

Student Services Centre

The Student Services Centre (SSC) is the University's point of contact for a large range of the administrative tasks you need to carry out during your time here as a student and can offer all sorts of help and advice about tuition fee assessments or payments, Council Tax, examinations, graduation ceremonies and a variety of student-related documents, including student cards and bank letters.

The Centre is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.

For contact details and instructions on how to obtain different documents, please visit the Student Services website.