Masood Entrepreneurship Centre

Masood Entrepreneurship Centre (MEC) is part of Alliance Manchester Business School and offers a range of enterprise course units.

MEC course units are open to all students from any subject background who are able to take free choice options as part of their degree structure. Most MEC course units do not require prior study or knowledge of business. Students on exchange programmes and visiting students are welcome to apply for MEC course units.

All students must gain approval from their registering school before enrolling onto any MEC course units.

In choosing to take MEC course units you will:

  • Discover how ideas are generated and developed into products and services;
  • Gain knowledge about how businesses operate;
  • Learn how to think entrepreneurially and apply entrepreneurial skills;
  • Enhance your subject knowledge with practical enterprise skills and business theory;
  • Give your employability a huge boost by being able to demonstrate some understanding about what makes a business successful and how you can help contribute to future success.

Whether you want to get a job with an existing company or set up your own business, studying one of our enterprise course units will make a positive impact on your career right from the start.

You can view the unit brochure.

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Applying for a MEC course unit

Once approval has been given from your registering school you can self-enrol onto MEC courses. If you have any problems with self-enrollment please contact stating your name, student number, registering school and the course code and title of the course you wish to enrol on. You will then receive confirmation of your enrolment status.

MEC free choice course units 2023/24

Please note this list is provisional and could be subject to change.

Course unitCodeCredits
Exploring Enterprise MCEL10001/10022 10 credits
Entrepreneurial Skills MCEL10011/10002 10 credits
Tools and Techniques for Enterprise MCEL30001/30002 10 credits
Advanced Technology Enterprise MCEL30011/30012 10 credits
Interdisciplinary Sustainable Development MCEL30022 10 credits
Enterprise Management for Computer Scientists MCEL30031 10 credits
Managing Finance in Enterprises for Computer Scientists MCEL30032 10 credits
Enterprise Strategy and Marketing MCEL30051 10 credits
Enterprise Feasibility MCEL30052 10 credits
Developing Business Ideas MCEL30111 10 credits
Commercial Technology Development (EEE) MCEL30102 10 credits
Enterprise in Healthcare MCEL30122 10 credits
Advanced Technology Enterprise MCEL40002 15 credits
Advanced Technology Enterprise for EEE MCEL40011 15 credits
Enterprise Strategy and Marketing MCEL40031 15 credits
Business Feasibility Study MCEL40042 15 credits

Further information

You can find more information about MEC and our course units via the MEC website.

If you require any further information, please contact the Curriculum and Programmes Team at or call into their office situated in Room 2.091 in Alliance Manchester Business School.