Coursework Extensions

For the 2023/24 academic year, in line with the new University’s Coursework Extension Policy, students can apply for an extension for any written piece of coursework prior to the deadline where they are being impacted by unforeseen short term, one off issues.

The Mitigating Circumstances Panel/Subpanel will consider these requests to grant extensions up to 7 days without supporting documents. Students can provide documents relating to their circumstances as this will help the School in determining the correct adjustments, however these are not required in order for your application to be considered. The Mitigating Circumstances Panel/Subpanel reserves the right to request a student to apply for Mitigating Circumstances instead, if they deem the issues being cited as long term or falling under the Mitigating Circumstances process.

The panel will determine the adjustments based on the impact of your circumstances cited in your application.

For any long term issues, or where a student feels that a short term issue will impact them for a longer period of time, students must go through the Mitigating Circumstances process Applying through the Mitigating Circumstances Process will not automatically guarantee an extension over 7 days.

The deadline to apply for an extension is 24 hours before the deadline. Students can still apply within 24 hours of the submission deadline, however the Student Support & Wellbeing Team cannot guarantee a response for applications.

Applications for coursework extensions submitted after the deadline has passed will be considered late and penalties will apply for late submission of work if applicable.

Note: a coursework extension will not be given for time management issues as these are foreseeable events that can happen to anyone and should be planned for.

Please note that coursework extensions cannot be granted for any examinations, group work, mid-terms tests or time related seminar assessments.

You should not assume that an extension has been approved until you receive written (e.g. email) confirmation from the Student Support and Wellbeing Team. Students are advised to continue to work towards the original deadline where possible, unless circumstances prevent you to do this.

DASS students: If you receive an automatic extension through DASS, should you submit a request due to your DASS registered issue being exacerbated, as per the Coursework Extension Policy, you can receive an extension of up to five days.

You can submit your coursework extension request by using the AMBS Coursework Extension request form. After having done this, if you wish to provide supporting documents, these can be submitted to insert

If your circumstances will result in absence from class, please complete the 2023/24 AMBS UG absence from teaching form.